In addition, thanks to our substantial fleet of vehicles and because of the agreements signed with some leading logistics companies, we are able to serve our National customers from a single pallet to a full lorry.

Thanks to years of experience in international shipping Eurotarget is able to reach every corner of the world using 20', 40' and 45' containers.

Example of a standard 20' container shipment

1320 boxes boxes of Standard clays

201.000 Standard Clays
Gross weight: 21.120 kg
Net weight: 20.724 kg

Example of a standard 40' container shipment

24 Pallets (Dim. cm 115x93x170H) of 65 boxes each

Total of 1560 boxes of Standard clays

234.000 Standard Clays
Gross weight: 25.440 kg
Net weight: 24.492 kg